First Responders

The Town of Calumet First Responders are dedicated volunteers who reside within the Towns of Calumet, Brothertown and Taycheedah. Each member has a "jump kit" containing supplies, protective equipment and oxygen. Additionally each member has an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), pager and hand-held radio.

When dispatched, the First Responders respond in private vehicles in order to help someone in need as quickly as possible. Care and treatment is initiated while an ambulance is en route. The First Responders then work closely with the ambulance personnel and transfer care of the patient to them.

Initial training for an EMR consists of completing a technical college course with refresher requirements every 2 years. Monthly training and meetings are also held within the department in order to stay current with skills and procedures.

The Emergency Medical First Responder (EMR) Scope of Practice is located at the following address. It describes the skills and medications that are taught to and utilized by First Responders in the State of Wisconsin.

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